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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Network Status - last updated 11:30am Fri 9 Oct 2015

Note 1: You may need to restart your desktop printer or copier before it will work.
Note 2: Wireless access point testing is still to-do; there are likely to be some locations without coverage.

Main block OK.
Reprographics (photocopiers) OK.
Caldwell block No network connectivity.
Caddick wing & room S7 OK (but untested); contractors still working.
Music OK (but untested).
New Library & portacoms OK (but untested).
Art & Technology OK (but untested).
D-block OK (but untested).
Labs A & B OK (but untested).
Science OK (but untested).
T-block OK (but untested).
Centennial block (Big room, Gyms) OK (but untested).
R-block OK (but untested).
P-block OK (but untested).