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Friday, 8 December 2023

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    OneNote Notebook with ICT Help and information.
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    OneNote Notebook with ICT Help and information.
  • CBHS ICT Helpdesk

    You can submit a CBHS ICT Helpdesk request via emailing the details to helpdesk@cbhs.nz
    You could also use the form on our CBHS ICT Helpdesk site: CBHS ICT Helpdesk

    When submitting a request for help, please provide any information which might help us to fix your problem.

    For example:

    You can view the status of all your requests, and see our frequently asked questions by visiting the CBHS ICT Helpdesk site.

    ICT Projects

    If you have a project which you need the CBHS ICT Helpdesk to work on, it needs to be sent to the ICT Transformation group run by the Headmaster. This allows the CBHS management to make the right decisions about the priorities for work which takes our team away from supporting you - which means we can focus on giving you great support.

    CBHS defines a project as any piece of work which meets one or more of these criteria:

    If you have a request that meets one or more of these criteria, please fill out the form linked below and send it to: ict-transform@groups.cbhs.school.nz

    CBHS Project Form